Studio LOL - Online Improv Class For Kids and Teens

High-Quality Improv Education for Kids. 100% Online.

We build confidence and practice life-skills through the study of improv comedy.


• Founded in Los Angeles.

• Available for every kid in every town.

• Led by kid-friendly, professional improv comedians who bring the magic of improv to the small screen!

Online Improv Class For Kids

Online Improv Class For Kids?!

We know. It sounds crazy.


But do you ever sense that your kid has a little case of the blahs after school?


Like they could use an outlet to create characters, act out skits, and make others laugh?


Could they benefit from some support in growing their confidence and finding their voice?


Our class is designed with all this in mind.


We're a place to intentionally infuse joy, creativity, and "soft skills work" into your child's weekly routine in a way that's actually super fun.

The long stretch of the afternoon/evening can feel tricky some days.


Our class is a guilt-free solution that carves out 60 minutes for parents to catch up on work, prep dinner, or take a breather while we do the heavy lifting.


You can feel good about the fact that your child is engaging in active, creative screen-time that's really good for them.


Why Studio LOL?

Our teachers and curriculum are the best of the best.


Our wildly popular in-person improv program ran in Los Angeles for 10 years before we brought the magic into an on-camera format that works brilliantly online.


We've taught Hollywood's biggest celebrity families, as well as everyday kiddos who want to work on communication skills.


We're passionate about helping children learn and grow while connecting through laughter. 
















"I was so impressed with the teacher's ability to engage my kids and get them doing improv."

"Such a magical, joy-filled class."

"I loved hearing my daughter laughing. It meant more than you can imagine."

"This class is my kid's Happy Hour." 

Online Improv Class for Kids - Textbook.