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What is improv and what are the benefits?


In improv, we make stuff up and we make people laugh! It’s like acting in a play, but without the scripts. A live audience calls out suggestions for performers to run with, and hilarity ensues.


Improv teaches teamwork, focus, communication skills, listening, kindness, embracing fear, connecting, public speaking skills, being in the moment, finding the joy in lifting others’ spirits, quick-thinking, creative problem solving, finding and trusting your voice, and so much more!


When taught correctly, it’s the world’s greatest confidence-booster.

Why Studio LOL?


Lots of people and programs have started seeing the incredible benefits of improv for young people, which is wonderful news! The more people doing improv in the world, the better the world will be!


We believe we’ve got a real special thing going on at Studio LOL, though. 


Here’s why:


  • We are EXPERTS at one thing. We’re incredibly specialized and we don’t do anything else. We know kids, we know teens, and we know a million special tips and tricks for making improv training accessible in age-appropriate ways. We know TRILLIONS* of improv games. (*Probably. Haven’t counted.) But more importantly, we know how to make them work outside the adult world.

  • Our program has been recognized in lots of special ways. We’ve been named the “Best Improv Classes for Kids” by Los Angeles Magazine and LA Weekly, and we’ve even been profiled on the local news so we’re EXTREMELY FAMOUS NOW and it’s a really big deal. 

  • Many of our customers are well-known professional comedians and actors who trust us with bringing improv to their children in a genuinely wholesome, loving way. We’ve got an enormous word-of-mouth following and have hardly ever advertised! 

What kind of kid should do this?


Any! Seriously! We aren’t a “child actor” kind of place. We’re a come-have-fun, work-on-some-lifeskills, laugh-and-make-friends kind of place. Nervous beginners are always welcome!


That being said, we do require excellent behavior in our class and reserve the right to dismiss students if they're unable to follow instruction. Improv is a Team Sport and it’s a Focus Sport, so those are the challenge spots we lean into in our class, in a major way. For some kids, it’s just too much and we recommend checking back in in a year or so after those skills have had more practice.


Another requirement is that students are old enough to use the restroom without assistance.


Unsure if it’ll be a good match for whatever reason? Let’s set up a Trial Class! Email us to inquire.

How can I best support my child's experience in this class?

Our class functions best when students are in a quiet environment. Please note that they'll be un-muted for much of the class, so any background noise can be a distraction -- including any side-coaching from parents. A quiet space and a device with solid wifi help set us up for success! (But we're also great at rolling with the punches when this isn't possible.)

Are there boys?
Goodness, yes. We almost always have a 50/50 ratio of guys and gals. Something about it being "Comedy" and not "Theater" apparently makes it very dude-friendly.

So is it just, like, bathroom jokes the whole time? 


Ha! No. We help gently guide students toward creative, thoughtful ideas. We have magical, secret tricks that make them immediately abandon all yucky, violent, inappropriate stuff, without shaming them for naturally thinking those topics are funny.

How do absences and cancellations work?




We are unable to offer refunds or monetary credits for unused classes, but we’re always happy to book a makeup class that can be used before the session comes to an end. We ask for a heads up when your child needs to miss — it helps our teachers plan ahead.




Because we keep tiny class sizes, if you abandon your spot — it’s kind of a big deal for us to re-book it, and we often can’t do it at the last minute. We ask for a minimum of 7 days notice, and kindly request as much notice as possible. There’s a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee built into all of our pricing. (Unless, of course, your kid just absolutely hates our class. But we’ve never had that happen.)

Can my child do a trial class?


Yep! As space and scheduling permit. Email us!

How do I book a Birthday Party?
Click here.
Can the grandparents purchase a gift card?


Anyone can purchase a gift card! Click here.

Are you hiring/expanding?


Not right this second, but we take a close look at EVERY application that comes in throughout the year and reach out when we’re ready. To apply: Email a simple video of yourself outlining your experience with both kids and improv. Send to Katy at:

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