"Who are you people?!"

We're Katy and Ryan Chase! We opened Studio LOL in 2010, we love to laugh through life's ups and downs, and we have two crazy kids of our own. We are losing our sanity, one child at a time.

We believe in using improv as a sneaky way to practice:

Being Kind

Working Together

Finding Your Voice

Our favorite hobbies include teaching improv to kids (since 2003!), performing in funny commercials and TV shows, and staring at pictures of our children after they finally go to bed.

Katy runs the show around here these days, leading our brilliant, hilarious team of Teaching Artists. You can click here to read a 2017 interview where she discusses the founding of Studio LOL, but we don't recommend doing that because it's very long and boring. 

Here's our Teaching Team:


•  BFA in Acting.

•  Been on TV a bunch.

•  Performs weekly at UCB.

•  Eats a lot of sweet potatoes.


•  USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

•  Actor/writer/comedian. 

•  Genius-level improviser.

•  Has beard.


•  Indiana University improv star.

•  Did this video about science.

•  Extremely mid-western.

•  In the best way possible.


•  Performs all over LA.

•  Musical Improv guru. 

•  Makes hilarious music videos.

•  Can talk for a long time about the show "Survivor" if you want...?

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