Award-Winning Improv Classes for Kids.

100% Online!


• Founded in Los Angeles.

• Available everywhere.

• Led by kid-friendly, professional improv comedians who bring the magic of improv to the small screen!


We deliver high-quality improv education to kids all over and focus on building confidence and life-skills via play.


Learning through laughter, while you prep dinner.


Online Improv Class For Kids?!

We know. It's crazy. But trust us. It's AWESOME. Top-notch on-camera improv classes for kids, brought straight to your home. Highly engaging, magical, and fun!

Why Studio LOL?

Our teachers and curriculum are the best of the best. Our wildly popular in-person improv program ran in Los Angeles for 10 years before we brought the fun online. We're professional improvisers who have trained and performed in Los Angeles, New York, and everywhere in between... and we've mastered the art of teaching on-camera. We're passionate about helping children learn and grow while connecting through laughter.

Not so sure?

Try a free class! We'd love to see you soon!

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