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Who are you guys, how did you get started, and why should I sign my kid up for improv here (or anywhere)?

Studio LOL Founder, Katy Chase, was recently interviewed by VoyageLA and went in to great detail on these topics. You can click here to read the full article. Or if you want the fast version, watch this video where she answers as many questions about Studio LOL as humanly possible in 3 minutes:



What is improv?

To put it simply, our class is like an upbeat, funny acting class, but without the scripts. Improv is a form of comedy where the live audience yells out suggestions to the performers, who work as a team to create stories and scenes off the top of their head. In improv, we don't write prepared jokes (like in stand-up comedy), and we don't memorize funny lines (like in sitcoms). Everything in improv is made up on the spot. Here's a video of our students and teachers performing and learning improv:



Is this a "child actor" place?

No. Our mission is to share all the benefits of improv comedy training with regular ol' every day kids. If your child happens to be pursuing show business as a profession, don't let us scare you off.  It's just that we approach all of our students with the goal of helping them grow as smart, happy, and kind young people; not as polished, professional performers. We take the safe environment that we've created pretty seriously, and we like to protect it from the results-oriented realities of show biz. We're happy to refer you to other places in town that offer a different kind of approach and gear things toward the professional acting world, if that's more of what you're looking for.


How do absences and make-up classes work?

A maximum of 3 make-up classes are granted per session. Because improv is a "team sport" and we keep our class sizes small, students are missed when they do not attend class. We kindly ask that parents discuss the class commitment with their child before signing up. However, when a student needs to miss, we're happy to help accommodate a make-up class when an absence is coordinated in advance (24-hour notice). Students will be given the option to make-up their missed class during any other scheduled class time on our calendar, within an appropriate age range, during the current session. Any missed make-up classes will be forfeited at the end of the session.  No refunds or monetary credit will be given for any absences, with or without notice.  


What are your cancellation/ drop-out policies?

For classes: A non-refundable $50 deposit is built into the first month's class fee. Cancellations that come in at least 14 days prior to the first class of the session can be refunded, less the deposit. Cancellations that come in at least 7 days prior to the first class will be responsible for the first month's payment. Our 7-day-notice policy extends throughout the entire session. If parents on a Monthly Payment Plan fail to give a cancellation notice by the 7-day deadline before the payment due-date, the next month's payment will be charged. 

For camps: A non-refundable $50 deposit is built into the camp fee. Cancellations that come in at least 14 days prior to the camp start-date can be refunded, less the deposit. Last-minute cancellations will be charged the deposit, plus Monday's fee. Drop-outs that take place mid-week will be charged for a single day post drop-out, in order for us to have 24 hours to re-book the spot. On the rare occasion that a student drops out because they aren't enjoying camp, the extra day fee is waived.

For parties: A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due upon booking your party. Cancellations that come in at least 14 days prior to the party will not be responsible for the balance of $245. Otherwise, unless we're able to book another party in your time-slot at the last minute, you will be responsible for the cost in full.  


Which class should I choose?

Our classes and camps are broken down by age group. Everything on our calendar is suitable for beginners, unless otherwise noted. If your child falls between age ranges, feel free to use your instincts when selecting a class.  Please note: If siblings of different ages prefer to take class together, they must opt for the younger age group. 


Can I watch class? 

We do not allow parents inside the studio during class. Unfortunately it makes for a difficult distraction for the students. Teaching comedy and encouraging spontaneity gets tricky when there's an audience present. We understand that parents of young students who are brand new to our school might feel anxious about leaving their child in a new environment with people they've never met, especially if they were not referred to us by word of mouth. If this is you, please feel free to contact us and arrange for a Meet & Greet appointment. We'll be happy to give you a tour of the facility, meet your child, and answer any questions you may have.


What do parents do during class?

Most parents drop off and return at the end of class. Parents are also welcome to relax in our lobby or visit one of our (walking distance) neighbors: Coffee Fix, The Studio City Library, or Beeman Park.


Where exactly is Studio LOL located?

We are located at 12434 Moorpark St. in Studio City, just east of Whitsett, on the south side of the street. The parking lot is in the rear of the building.


What should I bring/wear to class?

Students should dress however they're comfortable and be prepared to remove their shoes and wear socks in the classroom. (We keep clean socks on-hand for when you forget.)  Optional Studio LOL T-shirts are available for $15.


Do you steer students away from inappropriate or yucky subject matter?

Yes. One of our rules at Studio LOL is to "Keep Grandma Happy." This means that our standard for appropriate-ness of content is based on an imaginary grandma who watches class. We encourage students to play to the top of their intelligence and come up with ideas that require thought and creativity.


Is my child too young? 

Our youngest class is designed for 4-6 year olds. When it comes to 4 year olds, the program is best suited for kids who have developed strong verbal skills, are able to listen and follow directions, and who can handle potty time without any assistance from our teachers. Otherwise, we suggest waiting until age 5 to begin. Parents are welcome to set up a trial class if they're unsure. 


What is the expected behavior for students at Studio LOL? My child has a diagnosed behavioral challenge and/or struggles with listening and following directions. Will the program be a good fit?

It truly depends on the individual child. In general, we have found that all types of kids from all types of backgrounds can really excel in our program. That being said, any child with a behavioral diagnosis will certainly be challenged in our classroom. Here's why: A major aspect of our curriculum involves learning about stage time versus audience time, and this is taught through constant transitions throughout class. Students learn to be energetic, outgoing, and outside-the-box while on stage, and then learn to switch off and be concentrated, courteous, and silent while their classmates are on stage. We incorporate these transitions because they teach focus, teamwork, and a general respect for the performance environment, which is applicable to all kinds of audience-related experiences in life. This style of teaching also prepares our students to perform in their class comedy show, where they will be required to be "on" while performing and "off" while backstage. It's expected that these transitions are challenging for any child, or any grown-up for that matter, but it is also expected that over time our students grasp these concepts and respect our rules. We teach our behavior expectations with compassion, but the boundaries are made clear and non-negotiable to our students. Our high standards of behavior apply to all students, regardless of diagnosis or background.  Although we would love to accept any and all children into our program, we do make it a priority to protect the integrity of our classroom so that other students' experience of Studio LOL is not compromised. We reserve the right to dismiss students from class if behaviors are disruptive. For any parents with specific concerns in this area, we strongly suggest setting up a trial class, and bringing any diagnosis or medical information to our attention in advance. This will help us better answer your questions and provide feedback. 


Can we do a trial class? 

Yes! If your child is unsure and wants to come check things out, send us an email to request a trial class. We'd love to meet them! Us grown-ups can talk afterwards, either in person or via email to see how it went. As a reminder, we don't allow parents to attend or watch class. 


Can I register for a class after the session has already started?

Yes! We accept ongoing enrollments for classes and camps, but only as space permits. Payments are prorated.


What if nothing on your schedule is convenient for me?

We're happy to add a more convenient class or camp to our schedule at your request, so please let us know if you'd like to suggest a time or date for an addition to our calendar. We require a minimum of 8 students. If you'd like to gather up 8 funny kids and create your own class, woohoo! If you don't know that many funny kids, we'll simply place you on a waitlist and keep you posted once we have enough students to start.


Can I bring my child to a student show to see if this is something they'd like?

Yep! Comedy shows at Studio LOL always star our hilarious students.  Shows are open to the public and fun for the whole family. Adult tickets are $5 and kids are free. RSVP to



Will my child get to perform? 

Yes! Well, probably. All of our classes perform in December and May. Our 5-day camps culminate in a performance as well, unless otherwise noted. Mini camps or sessions don't perform -- it's too much to squeeze in. Feel free to confirm with us before enrolling in a particular session or camp if the performance aspect is important to you. 


Will my child become a famous actor/comedian from studying and networking at Studio LOL?!?!

How do we put this delicately... No! Our school is in no way connected to the business of getting kids an agent, introducing them to casting directors, or advising parents on how to get started in show business. We're happy to refer you to other companies for these services. Sometimes Katy refers kids out for projects when asked to do so as a personal favor. It's helpful if she has your child's picture and resume with agent info on file if you'd like to be in the loop when these opportunities come up. Materials can be emailed to


Are you hiring?

Not exactly, but as Studio LOL looks forward to expanding, we are always accepting excellent applications for teachers. Applicants should have experience in the world of performing improv, as well as the world of working with children, with a strong teaching background. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume that reflects their experience in these areas to Katy at


How do I sign up?