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All Studio LOL instructors are highly skilled improv comedians with extensive training and experience in working with kids. We pride ourselves on being experts at bringing improv to young people. 



Husband and wife team Ryan and Katy Chase opened Studio LOL in 2010. They are losing their sanity, one child at a time.


Katy has been teaching comedy to kids since 2003. She trained in performing arts at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in New York City and has since performed and trained at the following comedy venues: The World Famous Hollywood Improv, The Groundlings, The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Peoples' Improv Theatre, Chicago City Limits, Complex Comedy, and more. Katy has worked as a professional actor/comedian in film, television, and live theatre throughout NY and LA. Her credits include the TV pilot "You're So Dead!", lots and lots of commercials, and an enormously pregnant woman on Last Man Standing. (She was pregnant in real life, but not THAT pregnant.) You can click here, here, here, and here to watch her star in a series of ridiculous national commercials that make little to no sense. You can also click here to read an in-depth interview, where she discusses improv and the vision for Studio LOL.


Ryan studied the Meisner acting technique at the Joanne Baron/DW Brown two-year conservatory in LA and at Florida State University. He, too, has worked extensively in television commercials. (Katy and Ryan met playing husband and wife in a commercial many moons ago!) He appeared on the TV show "Angie Tribeca," taking on a role he was born to play: an intimidating Irish thug. Ryan's background also includes film and television production, childrens' guitar and tennis coaching, and getting paid to track down hilarious things on the internet. His expertise in improv comedy, coupled with his ability to make pals with any kid in the world, make him an incredible mentor and role model for many of our students. Ryan is a longtime Magnum, P.I. fan.  Thank you for asking.


Katy and Ryan have also taught their popular improv comedy program in other venues outside of Studio LOL: The SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Conservatory Youth Program at AFI, The Archer School for Girls high school and middle school theater programs, Beyond the Classroom summer camp, and as guest instructors at various elementary schools. They were even profiled on the local CBS Los Angeles news, so they're basically extremely famous now.


In 2016 & 2018, The Chases welcomed some additional members to their family and are now able to experience very high volumes of noise at both work and home.






Talia Steinberg is a tremedously talented improviser and teacher and we're really lucky to have her on our team! She grew up in Northern California and after getting her BFA in Acting at Chapman University (where she did all sorts of serious theater) she moved to LA and fell in love with comedy. Talia has been studying at UCB for the past nine years, where she currently performs weekly with her Harold Team. She also performs improv multiple times a week around the LA indie scene. She wrote and produced a one-woman show that ran for a year at the Improv Theater in LA, and she’s been on TV a bunch -- Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Documentary Now!, The League, as well as pilots for CBS, CMT and AMC. Talia taught Sunday school for a few years, and she also volunteers with Art of Elysium, playing improv games with children during their hospital stay. She loves Friends (the TV show) and friends (the real people).




Cory Walls is an actor, writer and self-proclaimed interpretive dancer from Scituate, Massachusetts. For his 10th birthday he begged his parents for one of those chunky camcorders and has been obsessed with making movies ever since. This led him to Emerson College in Boston, where he spent his four years performing live sketch comedy and releasing weekly Youtube videos with his comedy group, Handsome Lady. Unlike many, Cory moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting ;). He got his start in LA writing and directing original content for Snapchat (which does not compute for most adults but the kids know what he's talking about), and has also found success in the animation world, lending his pipes to such films as Despicable Me 3 and Secret Life of Pets, as well as in front of the camera, where he recently performed on TNT's The Last Ship and FunnyOrDie's Like&Subscribe (one very serious, one very silly). He knows how to do that make-your-thumb-pull-apart trick with his hands, which is the most important part of this entire paragraph.




Cristin McAlister is hilarious! Before moving to LA, she spent 15 years in Chicago, livin' the sweet, sweet improv comedian's dream. While there, she studied at The Second City Conservatory and iO Chicago, where she performed on Harold (longform improv) teams and taught on-camera acting classes for kids. Now that she's in LA, she enjoys things like studying at The Groundlings and not shoveling snow. She also keeps busy with acting in lots of funny commercials and in really ridiculous sketches on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (You might remember her as "Vape Mom" from a recent bit where parents were trying to convince their teens that vaping isn't cool.) Cristin has been teaching for her entire adult life and she's been telling people, "Yes, I know I look like Amy Poehler" for her entire adult life, too.




Amanda Salvatore is our newest teacher on the block and we're really excited to have her! Originally from New York, Amanda is now an LA-based comedian, writer, and actor who has an extra special knack for Musical Improv. Amanda studied improv at UCB and IO West and has performed with several improv teams throughout the NY and LA area. She's the co-host of the podcast Guilty Pleasure, which has been featured on's weekly Best of Comedy Podcasts roundup, and she's spent three years as a writer and performer for one of The Ruby LA's longest running house teams, The Vanities. Most recently, she worked in the writers' room on NBC's Trial and Error. Despite her love affair with tacos, Amanda still misses her beloved "NY Dollar Slice." 




Bridget Murray is an actress and improviser fresh off the boat from her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana! She's been performing improv in the middle of a corn field there for many years. (Just kidding!!) She actually did lots of training and performing with her highly acclaimed college improv troupe at Indiana University. Her favorite styles are long-form and musical improv, and she's currently training at The Pack Theatre in Hollywood. Bridget has been teaching improv to young people for six years, and when she's not teaching you can find her reading plays, maintaining a love/hate relationship with Mario Party, and perfecting her adequate Bob Dylan impression. 



Noëlle Lara is an actress/improviser/writer that kids might recognize as the host of Discovery Science Channel's "Science Works," an educational program that explores STEM related jobs. Grown-ups might recognize her from the original live show she produces and hosts at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater called "A Little Advice" where she interviews kids for dating advice. (Watch here!) Noëlle is proud to be an actress in Story Pirates, an award-winning children's theatre company that takes stories written by kids and turns them into an awesome show. An avid marathon runner, Noëlle created a popular summer running camp for inner city kids ten years ago in her hometown of Lowell, MA called "Noëlle's Running Camp." The camp is still running today (pun intended), even though she doesn't live there anymore and the current students probably have no idea who this "Noëlle" person is that's on their "Noëlle's Running Camp" T-shirts. She's a living legend, people.  



Dan Braswell is an improv and sketch comedy ninja guru. *bows* He wants to live in a world where laughter is actually medicine, hats are made of pizza, and you're funny until proven hilarious. As an actor, he's trained at The Groundlings, I.O. West, and Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop, while performing improv with Monkey Butler Comedy and his team Brother Teresa. His funny fingerprints are all over the worlds of writing, acting, and directing. He also plays guitar, makes up songs, and gives the perfect high five. You can even find him crafting sketch comedy videos of his own, like this one: Sportball!  Our students love to laugh at his funny physical comedy in improv scenes. His arms are naturally long, which makes for great monkey impressions.