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 Welcome!  If you're new around here, this two minute video will give you a good idea of who we are and what we do...

Brand new to Studio LOL?  Hi!  Our improv comedy classes for kids are the greatest thing the people of Studio City, California have ever seen!  (If you don't count Henry's Tacos and/or the big hand car wash sign.)  Anyway, we're glad you found us and hope you'll find our website helpful in getting to know our program.  Below are some lovely reviews we've received.  The FAQ section of our website is very detailed and helpful for new families.  Our class and camp calendars are updated regularly.  Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions.  Also, you'll want to Like our Facebook Page.  That's where we post live kids' quotes from our improv classes and camps.  It's hilarious.

See ya soon!

Love, Studio LOL

P.S.  Check out our important Public Service Annoucement:

Studio LOL has the "Best Kids' Improv Classes" in LA!
-Los Angeles Magazine

"Studio LOL is exactly where you want to send [your kids].  The husband and wife owners/instructors, Katy and Ryan Chase, remind me of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, if Bennifer were still under 30 and passionate about improv games, comedy rules, and teaching children to listen while having a blast.  Watching these two at work in a colorful, bright studio with inspirational quotes about the importance of laughter and courage dotting the walls, I was also reminded that learning can be fun and funny.  The class of 10 that I got to witness certainly seemed to feel that way, raucously laughing during a series of guided improvisational games.  The guidance is the key, with Katy "freezing" her young students to underscore a comedy principle she wants them to learn.  Whether your child wants to be the next Nickelodeon star or just a little less shy at recess, these classes are invaluable.  The fine-tuning of listening skills that this kind of "work" demands can't help but serve them as students, and - more importantly for my money - as people.  Keep your eye on Studio LOL.  Their students are already dominating the commercial world with upwards of 12 of their kids appearing in those highly watchable AT&T spots, and also because Katy and Ryan have that thing that Hollywood loves, real talent, integrity, a lack of cynicism, and charismatic dimples all around.  Love them, love their school."

 -Dani Modisett, LA Parent Magazine


"Best Comedy School for Kids"  -LA Weekly
"Do you have a budding Belushi in the family? A potential Poehler? Studio LOL is where kids can learn the art of improv comedy through such games as 'The BFF Game Show' and 'World's Worst Birthday.' It's run by husband-and-wife actors Katy and Ryan Chase — a cuter, fresher-faced pair you will not find. They have just the right mix of enthusiasm and encouragement to bring out kids' inner hams, even with the shy ones. 'Students are praised for being their most authentic self and for saying exactly what pops into their heads without thinking or overanalyzing,' Katy says. 'The wonderful thing about improv is that, unlike math, there are no wrong answers.' Like the kid who once deadpanned onstage, 'Dad, we had to watch the puberty video at school. All I gotta say is, I'm scarred for life, and I wish our school couldn't afford their color printer. I'm legit traumatized.'"
—Libby Molyneaux.  Source: LA Weekly

"Our daughter used to be so shy that she would hardly talk to neighbors she has known all of her life!  At home, however, she was a funny, creative, outgoing person.  After attending a birthday party at LOL, she asked if she could take classes.  She's been taking classes for a few months and the change in her has been dramatic.  After taking classes and doing shows (at the end of a session you do a show for parents,) she has completely come out of her shell.  I've had teachers, friends, and neighbors comment about the change.  It's so nice to see her show her confident, funny, creative side to the outside world.  Improv teaches teamwork, listening, patience and more.  Plus, the social skills that she is learning will help her make friends, resolve conflicts, and stand up for herself.  Kat[y] and Ryan have created a wonderful safe place for kids to be their silly selves and conquer their fears.  And they're having so much fun playing improv games, that the best part is - they don't even know they're learning important lessons!  They just know IT'S FUN!" -Jill K.  Source: Yelp


Such an wonderful environment for kids to learn self-confidence, how to think on their feet and to make people laugh. The classes are an amazing opportunity to learn important life skills at a young age that have so many applications- not just for actors/performers. I've been blown away by the performances from our kids at the end of each session. Katy and Ryan are fabulous teachers who know how to inspire kids to reach their personal best. My two kids were at different levels in terms of ability and confidence, and both were able to grow and develop in their own ways." -Monika S.  Source:  Facebook